The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FoundationCCC) administers the Wellness Coach Designated Education Program grant with funds provided through the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI). This grant program is designed to support building a public behavioral health workforce that better represents the diversity of behavioral health needs of California’s children and youth. 

Grant Opportunity

The Wellness Coach Designated Education Program provides funding to support California Community Colleges (CCC) interested in preparing social work and human services/other related program students for the Wellness Coach I certification. There will be three phases of funding.

Phase 1 Launch: July 9th, 2024

Eligible applicants for Phase 1 must submit an application by July 30, 2024, through our online portal Submittable. Only one proposal per applicant may be submitted.


The Wellness Coach Designated Education Program will support individual community colleges in California to develop and implement a curriculum aligned with the state’s requirements for the Certified Wellness Coach training. 

The new Certified Wellness Coach creates a much-needed entry-level profession that expands the behavioral health workforce without the need for an advanced clinical degree and/or license. Ensuring that associate-level graduates have the appropriate education to assist children and youth with some of life’s challenges, Certified Wellness Coaches offer important prevention and early intervention services before issues progress to the point of requiring clinical intervention.


Proposed projects must align with the grant program’s purpose to develop and implement a curriculum aligned with the state’s requirements for the Certified Wellness Coach I Certification training. Form 1: Preliminary Demonstration of Certified Wellness Coach I Education Equivalency and Resource Request must be on file with HCAI by the deadline noted below. 

Proposed projects for Phase 1 must currently have all of the following:

Course offerings: (Comparable course titles are acceptable)

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Introduction to Case Management
  • Child & Adolescent Development

Field Related Course

150-hour Supervised Experience 

Core Services:

  • Wellness Promotion and Education
  • Screening
  • Care Coordination
  • Individual Support
  • Group Support
  • Crisis Management Awareness (referral)

Program must be equivalent to 60 semester credits

All additional topics as listed in Section 2 of Form 1


To be eligible for funding, applicants must be from a California Community College and have programs in Social Work, Health & Human Services, or Addiction Studies. Other related degree programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis if. In order to be eligible for the grant  Form 1: Preliminary Demonstration of Certified Wellness Coach I Education Equivalency and Resource Request must be submitted to Irene Ornelas at in advance. Additional information can be found in the CCC Designated Education Program Guide.

Award Information 

● We expect to award a total of up to $8,000,000 over three phases with individual awards of up to $200,000.  Applicants are advised to request an amount that makes sense for their project’s proposed scope of work due to the competitive nature of this grant. 

● The grant term is expected to begin no earlier than September 1, 2024, and may be for a duration of up to two years.    

● Allowable costs are those specific to program development, including faculty needs, program coordinators/counselors, and program-level funding needed to align curricula with the Wellness Coach education and training criteria outlined above. Funding should be used to augment but not replace existing financial resources.

● Indirect costs are allowable up to a maximum of 10% of direct costs. Indirect costs are solely for administrative expenses needed to execute the grant and are included as part of the requested award amount (not to exceed $200,000)

● The funder may award part or all of a proposed project and budget. If awarded partial funding, the applicant will be notified in advance of an award to ensure project viability at the reduced level  . The funder may give preference to applicants based on region to ensure geographic distribution throughout California, including rural regions, as well as the number of students that can be supported by the program.

● Applicants must be willing to provide HCAI information about the long-term effects of this program regarding sustainability.

Keenan Insurance Scholarship

Scholarship Invoice 2024

The Keenan Insurance CCC Scholarship is administered by the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FoundationCCC) and is funded through a generous donation from Keenan. All California Community Colleges are eligible to receive funds for Keenan Scholarships and must submit invoices on behalf of qualified students.

NOTE: If you are a student, you must submit your application to your college. Please do not submit an application directly to FoundationCCC. You can find information about the scholarship program, including the application, on our website.

Scholarship Application Period

  • The scholarship application invoicing period will begin on February 1, 2024. Because scholarship funds are limited, colleges are encouraged to submit invoices as quickly as possible.
  • The final deadline for scholarship offices to verify eligibility and submit scholarship invoices to FoundationCCC using this Submittable form is November 1, 2024.

If you have questions about this invoice or about the Keenan Insurance  Scholarship, please contact More information about the Keenan Insurance Scholarship, including student eligibility criteria can be found on the website here, and the full Keenan Insurance Scholarship Guidelines are here.        

Using the Submission Portal: Submittable

You’ll be submitting your Keenan Insurance Scholarship invoice via Submittable. Submittable’s help center provides resources and answers and a guide for getting started as a submitter. For technical questions, you can send a message via the Submittable help center here, by clicking the pop-up in the bottom right of the browser window, or contacting Submittable here

Getting started 

If you don’t already have a Submittable account, start by creating an account and accessing the 2024 Keenan Insurance Scholarship. When creating an account, your choices for the questions regarding account personalization and staying in touch will not affect how FoundationCCC communicates with you about the Keenan Insurance Scholarship. Add collaborators if you’ll be working on the report with others. 

If you need to change your Submittable account’s email address, follow these instructions. If you run into issues, lose access to the email address your invoice was submitted under, or need to transfer your college’s account from one person to another, reach out to Submittable by emailing

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